Sayounara, Gentle Readers.


Dear dear readers,

A time of change is upon us. Many of the reminisces of an already-past time which were (b)logged here, have been un-posted. The contents of them will become, I hope, the basis for one of the most important pieces of academia I might ever have the patience, love, and time to write. Research regarding the poetic device ‘utamakura’ and its significance in how the Japanese people have, and do, relate to their land – a land which today, in the aftermath of march’s earthquake and tsunami, may very well find these allusions of old applicable still – must now be removed from Tohoku Pillows, if I am to avoid the dreaded danger of self-plagiarism by including it in my 2015 dissertation. I hope that once this deadline has passed to re-post some of the good old times. Still present are posts about my time in Fukushima, and then-updates of radiation readings and building re-buildings, which can be found in the ‘Living in Tohoku’ category.

Thanks for having read anything I’ve posted in the past two years and four months on here – it was a real blast having such a project during my stay in Japan, and it’s nice to know that something more will be made from it. Perhaps I’ll keep the blog going, but for now, we reach a mark for closure.

Thanks once again!

Steph x


2 Responses to “Sayounara, Gentle Readers.”

  1. Haikugirl Says:

    Aw, I’ll miss you! 😦

  2. Sutefu Says:

    Thanks, darling! I’ll miss keeping it up. Give it a few years, maybe I’ll be back 😉 Thanks for the opportunity to write for you, and for keeping me up to date with what’s going on in the UK! x

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