Good afternoon, all. How are you?

Drizzly, dressing-gown-clad Thursday, you are very welcome! Only four days into my course and 30-hours-a-week job combo, I’ve realised with fear and excitement how much work I’ve given myself to do. It took a substantial collection of hours to fathom the new style of essay I am to get my head around for Tuesday’s Japanese Modernity class if I am to finish another three articles in time, but I did take a huge lunch-break to watch the Music department exhibit their expertise!

Whay hey! Why not hold a performance in the common room during lunch. Gracious, I can’t express how happy I am to be at SOAS.
We had a Fresher’s Fayre over the weekend, which offered societies of Marxism, Communism, Defend Our Rights to Protest, the Palestine Society, Against Intervention in Syria Society, Anti-Racism Society, and many other groups of people who are concerned about human rights. I signed up to a few, but am not really sure how often I’ll be able to attend any meetings, becauuuuuseeee there is not much time to myself at all, it seems, with a nearly-full time job and a challenging degree. But once everything sorts itself out, I can get involved with such societies, attend such regular events as the Japanese Research Centre Lecture Series at SOAS, hang out with the two lovely Italians who are on my course and with whom I have become friends, and see great pals who are dotted all over London for a good old shabang.

In short: they are daunting, but the next two years are looking great.



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