A Wonky Mammoth


Well, blimey. The shape of this mighty mammoth pilgrimage has been changing of late, in some ways rather welcomed, and in others not so! A right nice guy who I met last year during his time in Fukuoka will be visiting Tohoku during The Week. Thinking that some company might be pleasant after four days of singular traveling (it will save my mind), I am happy to say that Grahame will be joining me on a rather long stroll along the beautiful Abukumagawa up to Natori in Miyagi, before we embark on seeing an ancient kofun (burial tomb), an Edo period farmhouse, and Sanekata’s Grave on the following day. We’ll part ways in Sendai that evening, as I make my way west to Yamagata prefecture for the final push up to Kisakata, and Grahame continues on his holiday in the north.

A unwelcome unavoidable interruption. A party held by my Board of Education for the leaving JETs. I am required, reasonably so, to be present. It falls on the evening of the 22nd, when I should be in Date just east of Fukushima City. Uh.

Aside from that, the pilgrimage has retained a pleasant shape. Booked accommodation includes a ryokan in Sakata sapping with traditional cuisine and decor. I’m blowing the big bucks for the big finish. Yessir.

Also, I found a temple dedicated entirely to cat gods. Think we ought to, don’t you?


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