First Training Session


Today is my first long walk in training for July’s MAMMOTH ONE. In comparison to the distances I hope to cover in July, today’s walk will be nothing extraordinary; as my good pal Jen reminded me, “start small.” I will be walking approximately 3 hours east out of Koriyama City to the town of Miharu (Three Springs), mostly because I’ve never really ventured out there before, and I’d like to avoid having to re-walk anywhere come the main event. Therefore there is no poetry destination included in today’s walk. The town has a few lovely temples though, so I’ll pop round there.

Notes of today’s prep (for me!):

Leaving at 2.00pm; cool weather, slightly cloudy
smaller sized rucksack than will be using for main hike
Mostly via smaller roads
Distance: 14.6km
ETA: 5.05pm

Thick socks
walking/ running trainers
UV protection jacket
short sleeved t-shirt
Scarf-covered neck
Baseball cap and suncream-ed ears
Thin khaki trousers

one bottle of water
waterproof and umbrella
poetry books, notepads and pens, ipod, iphone
combini snacks



Had to invent a few roads, and relied on GPS a little more than I intended. Finding toilets are something to keep in mind…. Google maps directions may result in a faster walk, but they can be needlessly troublesome, so it’s best to keep to slightly longer routes for the sake of less stress.
With stops for food, water, shrines, rocks, wrong turns, and photography, my arrival time was about an hour later than the google estimation. Best to add an hour for every three or so!
Shoes were fine, but my soles hurt (to be expected eh). Little toes can rub sometimes. Wonder how the legs will feel in the morning!
Got a little panicky once dusk hit (5 on the dot – suddenly became more chilly and the arrival of a change of light) and I was still somewhere in the wild. It’s a little scarier than I thought, doing this alone and with no-one knowing exactly where I am. Best not to walk too far from civilization.
Passed more combinis than mammals, but I also bumped into a few furry black caterpillars. They were cool. Three cats, four dogs, and a variety of nice, friendly ad surprised people.
4 solid hours of walking equates to wobbly legs. Take short breaks every now and then, fool.



2 Responses to “First Training Session”

  1. Katherine Says:

    What I love in your essential list is that you have poetry books. Plural. Why not make a scrapbook of the most important poems and information to avoid carrying lots of heavy literature?

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