Today it got hot again. Let’s hope Spring sticks around this time round. We’re going on an overnight bus to Kyoto in an hour or so, to see the relics of ancient Japan. Asuka, Nara, allll the old capitals, mate, we’re getting them down, Jen and I. 9 hours in a reclining chair. Better than a plane. Got some mini eggs, some music, and a bladder of steel. If we walk on top of a mountain which doesn’t have a path for an hour, we’ll get to see an old hut in which Saigyo, the best poet of all time, lived for three years in seclusion. Yeahhhh, let’s do it.

I’ve been cleaning all day. It’s shiny everywhere. My knees hurt a bit and I can’t remember what fresh air feels like.

Last month, we all went to Hokkaido and hung around doing cool shit in 10 meters of snow. I drove a snow mobile up a mountain at night as my first engine-driven vehicle ever. It was pretty cool, though I nearly fell off the mountain. Thanks for helping us out, Scott, Scott, Scott and Scott. They’ve got good ramen up there, and central heating.We ate cream puffs made for two people each, and nearly vommed on the train home as we cry-laughed into the cream.

Carys is getting married, and we threw her a hen party in Sendai. We went on a boat, painted kokeshi, and got shafted at Club Shaft. It was tip top mate.

Soon, I’d like to have a crush on someone, or fall in love, or something like that. Living alone is becoming lonesome. Loveless life is becoming lifeless.

I ate too many mini eggs, and feel a bit sick. There’s only two left though, so I think I’ll eat ’em anyway.

Had graduation last week, and genuinely teared up to say goodbye to some of my sixth graders. Very happy to never see some of those kids again, ho ho ho (I’m not remotely joking.) Received some lovely gifts of thanks from teachers and classes. Dreading the final load of goodbyes.

That pretty much sums up the last two months.

One term to go. Five months left. Packing up books to send on ahead, the shelves are pretty empty now. Learning Brahm’s Horn Trio: Heather, Sarah and I are going to rock that shit once we’re all in London. Not sure how I feel about it, this leaving business. Will miss some people and places dreadfully, but regarding society in general, I’m relieved to be moving on.

Cherry blossoms are early this year. Looks like we might catch some down south. Mount Yoshino has over 30,000 trees, which are grown in tiers to stagger for a longer season. Intend to drink green tea on top of that mountain, and look. For a long time. Then check out Saigyo’s hut. Here’s a great Saigyo poem, about seclusion and uh, life.

Leaving no trace,
once again into the mountains’ depths
I’ll make my way;
not to hear the world’s pains–
I wonder, is there such a place?

(Shin-Kokinwakashuu XVII: 1643)

Oh go on, have another one.

When I think on this world of ours,
all is as
scattered blossom;
in the end,
what is to become of me, I wonder?

(Shin-Kokinwakashuu XVI: 1471)


In summary of all that tripe: Springgwgjwgwjklcrtr


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