Last Leg


And I’m back in the Origin of the Sun after a Christmas break to the Origin of Steph, the Marley household. Although jet-lag has made me horribly unproductive and ill during the first week back at school, there can be no regrets for the journey which gave me such a lovely Christmas. Apologies for those pals who I didn’t manage to meet this time – I hope to see you in the summer when I … come back for good? Wohah. Yeah. This is the last leg. The last seven months of being an alien citizen in Japan. Cue pre-nostalgia and bouts of panic. The temples will be too far away for bank holiday visits; hopping onto a train won’t get me much closer to marshes famed by millennial sentiment, nor rivers laced with the battles and bodies of heroes; it’ll be tough-going to get another look at the mountains I cycle towards on the way to school – visible through the heat and haze only in the early hours of the morning – once August comes round, and I scarper back to Blighty.

But look at these swell chaps I’ll be coming back to! My heart is yours.






So, last seven months to spend time with the people I love as much as I can, play alllll of the funk with Apollo, and start thinking of an excuse for coming back someday. It’s time to move on. Sob. But first is the snow festival in Hokkaido, yeah boy! Helen’s visit to Japan in Spring, yeah boy! A trip to Korea, yeah boy! and all the small poetry holidays I can squish in-between. Seven months of cracking good Japan, and two years of related study after. Not a bad immediate future, eh?


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