Well now. It’s April. Eight months, I’ve spent living here. I can now form pretty damn passable sentences in Japanese, albeit a little unnaturally; I have joined a nine-piece, all-Japanese funk band as the token gaijin, and have met a very nice Japanese chap; as a new school year has started, and many teachers have changed schools though I have not, my students may now see me as a more solid and usual fixture to their routines. I confess: at a much faster pace than I had anticipated, I have found strong ties to Koriyama. Although I still wish to experience as much of Japan as I am able, my previous over-eagerness to take flight from my hometown has – matured? – into an appreciation of my immediate surroundings. People really make a place: and I am happy that my working in elementary schools and at independent study has given me enough Japanese to start building relationships. Pretty boss.

This isn’t much of a long update, huh. Just a brief gloat at my contented current situation. Here are some buff March-April photographs! Whey hey!


2 Responses to “Ties”

  1. Kaz Says:

    Whey hey!!

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