Jya mata, tomodachi


Well. It’s quarter to seven on my last English morning. The mandatory pre-panic puking-up-last-night’s-rich-dinner was covered around quarter to four, and I’m now synching my ipod. (It’s a long flight.) No longer shall it be the pigeon stuck in next-door’s chimney waking me, but the mighty cicada’s cry! Having managed to draw out the goodbyes over three leaving parties and lots of free wine, I think it’s finally time to hit the road, stop taking the piss, and scat to the Land of the Rising Sun. It’s been really swell, folks.

Our JETTY apartments got a bit wobbly in the quake, and the wireless network hasn’t quite recovered yet, so if I vanish for two weeks or so (mum): I’m still alive. What a lot of blog there shall be in two weeks!

I’ll miss you chumps and champs.
Keep in touch, yeah? And check this out:

Steph x


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